"Reaching Up and Reaching Out!"Antioch Baptist Church of Rochester, NY

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Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Creative Arts Ministry - 6:00PM
Male Chorus Rehearsal - 6:30PM
Youth Supervisor's Meeting - 6:30PM (Last Monday of the month)
Matrons Ministry - 6:30PM (2nd & 4th Monday)
Missionary Ministry - 7:00PM (1st, 3rd and 5th Monday)
W.F. Cotton Scholarship Committee - 7:00PM (Monday after 3rd Sunday)
Willing Workers Meeting - 6:00PM (Monday after 2nd Sunday)

Morning Glory Prayer Service - 6:00AM
Media/Videography Ministry - 5:30PM
ABC Ensemble - 6:30PM (Tuesday before 3rd, 4th & 5th Sunday)
Sunshiners, Jr. Red Circle, Sr. Red Circle - 6:30PM
Christian Scholar Ministry - 6:30PM (Tuesday after 4th Sunday)
Mothers' Board & Support Group Ministry - 6:30PM (Tuesday after 3rd Sunday)
Nurses' Guild - 6:30PM (Tuesday after 1st Sunday)
Usher Board #2 - 6:30PM (Tuesday before 2nd Sunday)
Youth Choir Rehearsal - 6:30PM (Tuesday before 1st & 2nd Sunday)
Youth Church Teachers Meeting - 6:30PM (3rd Tuesday)
Usher Board #1 - 7:00PM (Last Tuesday of the month)
Young Adult Choir Rehearsal - 7:30PM (Tuesday before 1st & 2nd Sunday)

Morning Glory Prayer Service - 6:00AM
New Members Class - 6:00PM
Prayer Service & Bible Study - 7:00PM
Baptism - 7:00PM (Wednesday before 1st Sunday)

Morning Glory Prayer Service - 6:00AM
Homeless Food & Clothing Ministry - 11:00AM
Senior Choir Rehearsal - 6:30PM
Boy Scouts Meeting - 6:30PM
Pastor's Aide Ministry - 6:30PM (2nd Thursday)

No Meetings Scheduled!

Men's Fellowship Ministry - 9:00AM (3rd Saturday)
Women's Fellowship Ministry - 9:30AM (4th Saturday)
Leadership Training - 10:00AM (1st Saturday)
Cub Scouts Meeting - 10:00AM (1st & 4th Saturday)
Praise Team Ministry - 12:00PM
Laymen Ministry - 5:00PM (1st Saturday)