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Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Is a church that cares, showing God's grace and love through worship, discipleship, evangelism, and Christian service!


We are located seven blocks north of downtown Rochester and four blocks north of the Amtrak Station. All entrances to the beautiful edifice are wheelchair accessible. >>Read More


The dual calling of the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church is the evangelization of unbelievers and the perfecting of believers for the work of the ministry >>Read More


The Antioch Missionary Baptist Church seeks to fulfill its Mission by building and maintaining an environment that: Accepts the Bible as the inspired Word of God without error, the complete revelation of God's will for the salvation of men, and the divine and final authority for all Christian faith and life >>Read More

Church Theme

Since believers are "kingdom people", Antioch has adopted the theme "Kingdom Set Time" as the guiding, unifying principle for execution of its Mission and Vision: >>More

A Welcome Message from Pastor Cherry!

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You may be wondering what our church has to offer. My welcome video will give you insight into our purpose and ministry.


Here's a Look into Our Church

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Our photo gallery will provide a view into what we do and how much we enjoy doing it.


Special Alerts

Antioch's 8th Annual Family Life Conference:

Family Life Conference Flyer

Current Month's Special Events

Rochester Area Ushers & Nurses Meeting

GLBA 1st Quarterly Session

Fellowship with Ephraim Full Gospel Christian Center

Fellowship with Rochester Bible Baptist Church

GLBA Women's Auxiliary Monthly Meeting

GLBA Ushers & Nurses Meeting

Fellowship with Mt. Rose Baptist Church, Union Town PA

Fellowship with Interfaith Assembly for Christ, Union Town PA

EBMC 123rd Annual Session

Pastor's Aide Ministry Service

Youth Ministry Harvest Festival