"Reaching Up and Reaching Out!"Antioch Baptist Church of Rochester, NY

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Current Special Events

Rochester Urban League Membership Drive
The Rochester Urban League Membership Drive is underway. This organization is beneficial to our community. It reaches out to families and neighbors with such compassion and love. Please open your hearts and donate toward this worthy cause. Contact a Solicitor or Sis. Esther Wilson for an Urban League Membership Form. Thanks in advance for your support!

Church Information

Contribution Statements for 2022
Please sign up on the Church Administrator's door if you need a Contribution Statement for 2022.

Things to Remember for 2023
A. Please print legibly on your Offering Envelope. Do not put your name in the Visitor Section if you are a member. If additional room is needed, cross out the visitor
     caption and use the entire length for your name.
B. It is imperative that each Member has a Deacon. If you do not have one, please contact the Deacon's Ministry and a deacon will be assigned to you.
C. Please contact the Church Office or your Deacon when your address or phone number changes. The Church needs current information for its records.
D. Please notify your Deacon if there is a death in your family. Flowers and a condolence letter will be sent when a spouse, child, parent, sibling, father-in-law,
     mother-in-law, sister-in-law, or brother-in-law dies. A card will be sent for all other relatives if the address is provided.
E. Members, or someone from the member's family, are responsible for contacting their Deacon when they (members) are sick. Names can be added to Antioch's
     Sick List by contacting Sis. Sandra Taft or the member's Deacon. Contact Sis. Eula Brown, Antioch's Benevolent Secretary, as well.
     Please remember to notify Sis. Sandra Taft or the member's Deacon when a person is to be removed from the sick list.
F. Contact Sis. Shely Thomas when you need a Notary.
G. Contact Sis. Veronica Mouzon to schedule a Baby Dedication Ceremony or when flowers are to be sent.
H. Contact Sis. Sandra Taft to schedule a wedding, a church event, or an appointment with Pastor Cherry. She should also be contacted when an individual ministry
     needs correspondence sent on the church's letterhead.
I.  The deadline for announcements to appear in the Sunday Bulletin is the previous Wednesday. Announcements are pre-recorded and time is needed to prepare for
    the recording session. However, announcements concerning illness, hospitalization, and bereavement can be submitted at any time.
J.  Sis. Pam Rolle is in the Church Office on Monday - Friday, 12:00PM - 4:00PM. Please see her if you need help during the week.
K. Members can request a ride to Sunday Worship Service via the Church Van by calling (585) 454-6096, selecting option #4, and leaving a message.
L.  Please see your Deacon or Sis. Sandra Taft if you need any other information.
M. Keep this list for future reference.

Morning Glory Fire!
Morning Glory Prayer Service has returned! It occurs from 6:00AM - 7:00AM on Thursdays. Prayer requests will be taken from 6:00AM - 6:15AM. Prayer begins at 6:20AM. Please access this powerful ministry by calling 1-605-475-4700, Access Code 715011#. All are welcome!

Bible Study: School of the Word
Bible Study: School of the Word is held at 7:00PM each Wednesday on Facebook. Pastor Cherry is an anointed, powerful teacher! All are welcome!

Methods of Sending Tithes & Offerings
PayPal:     antiochbaptistchurch304@gmail.com
Cash App: $antioch3043
Mail check or money order to:
Antioch Baptist Church
304 Joseph Avenue
Rochester, NY 14605

Antioch's Presence on Social Media
Antioch is available on the following social media:
    Twitter: Your own personal account is required for access
    Facebook: Search on 'antioch missionary baptist church - rochester ny'
    YouTube: Search on 'pastor james l cherry jr'